Fly With a Murder of Crows

Fly With a Murder of Crows


Tuvia Feldman
October 2018

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Release Date: October 25, 2018
ISBN: 978-157869-008-4
LCCN: 2018950296


Fly With a Murder of Crows - In this startling, sometimes shocking, and always compelling memoir, Tuvia Feldman takes you from the hustling streets of New York City to the peaceful hills of Vermont and the clamor of Tijuana. Tuvia begins his tale on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where he lives with his addicted artist mother and two sisters after having been abandoned and abused by his wealthy father. “Adopted” by an inner-city black family, Tuvia finds love and kindness while also receiving tutoring in the intricacies and dangers of the drug trade.  Veering between outrage and tenderness, Tuvia recalls his story in the uncompromising language of the street and in a voice that is at once cynical and innocent, harsh and lyrical. As Tuvia struggles to find a place and love in a world he hates–and a reason to go on living–the reader gets to decide what to make of this extraordinary, but perhaps also all-too-common, life.


"a harrowing memoir. . .  In a story full of abuse, violence, and moments of stunning insight, [Feldman’s] raw prose traces a life lived in the nether world of the drug trade, No redemption here, only brutal honesty, and a unique voice taking us for a walk on the wild side.”      
Dan Chodorkoff, author of Loisaida and The Anthropology of Utopia


“There are some passages that will grab reader’s attention with West Side Story–like images, such as a recollection of how the author and his teenage friends traversed “whole city blocks just by using the fire escapes and rooftops. A roughly told account of a rough life but one worth reading.”

—Kirkus Review, read the full review here

Meet Tuvia

Tuvia Feldman currently splits his time between Vermont and Southern Mexico. Fly with a Murder of Crows is his first published writing.