JVC Smithsonian Folkways Complete Collection of the Americas, Africa, and Europe

JVC Smithsonian Folkways Complete Collection of the Americas, Africa, and Europe


Complete set of JVC Smithsonian Folkways Complete Collection of the Americas (6 DVDs+Books), Europe (2 DVDs + Books), and Africa (3 DVDs + Books).

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Complete set of JVC Smithsonia Folkways Complete Collection of the Americas (6 DVDs+Books), Europe (2 DVDs + Books), and Africa (3 DVDs + Books).


"This series is essential for scholarly collections serving all grade levels (yes, kindergarten through Ph.D. programs)" - Library Journal


"From country lanes to city streets and from a family's hut to a public performance hall, these videos display a trove of traditional instrumental, vocal and choral folk music"


"The booklet will be very helpful to teachers as the information is concise and pertinent, including suggestions for reading and listening and a glossary... A valuable resource."
-School Library Journal




"Sword dances of three nations form a sub-genre on a tape so artfully edited it can be watched for pleasure as well as study. A feast of fancy footwork, though Irish piper Micho Russell and others, make the musical content exceptional, too."
-LA Times


"The absence of narration allows uninterrupted absorption of the filmed and recorded material. The printed notes explain what you see and hear."
-Sing Out!


JVC Smithsonian Folkways Americas Collection -- 6 DVDs and 6 Books

Produced by JVC and Multicultural Media, in collaboration with Smithsonian/Folkways Recordings, this six DVD/six book collection includes 158 performances from Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

A 48- to 72-page booklet accompanies each volume and contains background essays on the music and dance of the regions and countries, as well as detailed descriptions, glossaries, bibliographies, discographies, and filmographies.

Released in 1995, this collection contains all new material licensed from existing footage from filmmakers in North America, South America, the Caribbean and Europe and does not duplicate any part of the original JVC Anthology of World Music and Dance. Selections are presented without narration for the greatest musical impact. Each performance is marked with an indexing icon to allow for easy location and convenient video and booklet usage. 


Francophone Traditions
1 Dance Tune, Le Brandy, Philippe Bruneau 1:06
2 Lancers Quadrille, Le Lancier, Madame Audet & Dancers of Orleans Island, Quebec 1:49
3 Medley of Scottish Strathspeys and Reels, Jean Carignan 2:05
4 Longways Set Dance, La Contradanse, Louis "Pitou" Boudreault 1:16
5 Turlute (lilting), My Love is But a Lassie Yet/ Jackson's Bottle of Brandy, Emile Benoit :33
6 Fiddling and Stepdancing, The Woman of the House, Emile Benoit, et.al. 1:09
7 Work Song, Mon pere a fait bdtir maison (My Father Built a House), Marie D. Deveaux :45
8 Reel A Bouche (lilting), Le Reel de Sainte-Anne, Audrey St-Coeur :40
9 Song, Ecoutez-moi, je vas vous chanter un p'tit tour qui m'est arrivÈ, Lazare Hebert 2:15
10 French Quadrille, L'homme ‡ deux femmes (The Man with Two Wives), Claude Austin, et. al 2:30
11 Stepdancing Reels, title unknown, Claude Austin, Normand Basque 1:22
Native and Anglophone Traditions
12 Inuit Katajjait (Vocal Games), Cape Dorset Inuit of Baffin Island & Povungnituk 1:00
13 Cree Traditional Fiddling, Soldier's Joy', Ray Spencer, Bob McLeod, et. al. 2:10
14 Celtic Folk Song, Anchors Away, Love 1:30
15 Mummers' House Visit 1:32
16 Traditional Christmas Carol, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Figgy Duff 1:44
17 Sea Shanty, Lukey's Boat, Rik Barron and Dave Panting 1:52
18 MÈtis Fiddling and Dancing, Red River Jig, Lawrence Houle :51


African American Secular Traditions
19 Children's Ring Game, Mama Lamma Coomma Lamma, Sea Islands Children :57
20 Body Slapping and Flatfoot Dance, Quentin 'Fris' Holloway and John D. Holeman 1:39
21 Blues Hannonica and Shout, Shouting the Blues, Sonny Terry 3:21
22 Folk Blues (12-bar), C.C. Rider, Eddie Kirkland and Neal Pattman 2:45
23 Piedmont Blues, Richmond Blues, John Cephas and Phil Wiggins 2:45
24 Folk Song and Piedmont Finger Picking, Freight Train, Elizabeth "Libba" Cotten 1:30
25 Ragtime Piano, Something Doing, Kerrigan Black 1:39
26 Popular Song/Traditional Jazz Combo, Save the Bones for Henry Jones, Danny Barker, et. al. 2:41
27 New Orleans Brass Band, When the Saints Go Marchin' In, Rebirth Brass Band 2:11
28 Mardi Gras Indian Song, Meet de Boys on de Battlefront, The Golden Eagles 1:50
29 Urban Blues, Did You Ever Love a Woman?, Rev. A.D. "Gatemouth" Moore & Rufus Thomas 2:24
30 Urban (Chicago) Blues, I'm Gettin' Tired Now, Drink Small 4:41
31 Rhythm and Blues Vocal Group, Crying in the Chapel, The Legendary Orioles 2:30
32 Go-Go Dance, Take Me Out to See Junk Yard, The Junkyard Band 1:30

Total Playing Time: (59:18)



European Traditions in the New World
1 Contradance, Pop Goes The Weasel, Harold Luce 1:16
2 Ballad & Mountain Dulcimer, The Lakes of Champlain, Margaret MacArthur 3:57
3 Folk Song with Banjo, Old Smokey, Roscoe Holcomb 1:40
4 Appalachian Fiddle Tune, John Brown's Dream, Tommy Jarrell, Mike Seeger, & Alice Gerrard 1:44
5 Appalachian Stepdancing & String Band, Chicken Reel, The Shady Mountain Ramblers 1:06
6 Square, Hook, & Broom Dances, Elmer Davis, Fred Allery, & Albert Roussin :50
7 Traditional Dance Tunes, The Wind That Shakes the Barley (and others), John McCutcheon 2:31
8 String Band, Johnson's Old Grey Mule, The Lucas and Harmon Brothers Band 2:50
9 String Band, Alabama Jubilee, Pappy Sherrill & The Hired Hands 1:20
10 Country Blues, Daybreak Blues, Doc & Merle Watson 3:28
11 Clawhammer Banjo & Vocal, Banjo Pickin' Girl, Lilly Mae Ledford, Mike Seeger, & Alice Gerrard :46
12 Bluegrass Song, John Henry, The Johnson Mountain Boys 1:47
13 Dobro Guitar Instrumental, Cincinnati Rag, Jerry Douglas & Vassar Clements 2:12
14 Topical Song, Black Waters, Jean Ritchie 3:25
15 Topical Cowboy Song, Marlboro Cowboy, Glenn Ohrlin 1:22
16 Terkish (Klezmer Dance), The Jew In Jerusalem, Kapelye 2:48
17 Chalangalang, Kilakila 'o Eke, The Ho'opi'i Brothers 1:57
18 Cajun 2-Step and Song, Oh, Madeleine, Dewey Balfa, Rodney Balfa, & Tracy Schwarz 2:13
19 Cajun Tune with Fiddle Sticks, J'etÈ au bal (I Went to the Ball), Dewey & Tony Balfa 1:01
20 Cajun Song, Chere Bassette, Canray Fontenot with Michael Doucet & Beausoleil 2:31
21 Old-time Creole 2-Step, Think of Me Once a Day, The Ardoin Family 1:53
22 Fandango, Gilberto Cuiterrez Silva, and Grupo Mono Blanco 2:06
23 Polka & Conjunto, San Antonio Polka Band & The Cardenas Brothers 1:26
24 Ranchera, Voy a sacarme Ia espina (I'm Gonna Take the Thorn Out Of Me), Mingo Salvidar 4:11
25 Texas Honky-tonk Ballad, Soft Rain, Justin Trevino, & Band 4:22
26 Salsa, Tito Puente, Charlie Palmieri, & Orchestra 2:45

Total Playing Time: (58:46)



Sacred Traditions
African American Sacred Traditions
1 Spirituals, Take Me to the Water! Glory Glory Hallelujah, Rev. A.D. Moore :42
2 Hymn, You Got To Move, Moving Star Hall Singers 2:03
3 Jurer, Rock-A-Way, Clinvin Jones & Friends 2:21
4 Spiritual, Lay My Burden Down, Cora Fluker 4:02
5 Sacred Harp Singing, My Mother's Gone, Wiregrass Singers :50
6 Congregational Hymn, I Belong To That Union Band, Tony Landis, et. al. 1:26
7 Gospel Groups, Roll Jordan Roll, The Heavenly Jewels 2:25
8 Traditional Gospel, Precious Lord, Rev. Al Green 1:51
9 Gospel Quartet, My God Called Me This Morning, The Four Echoes 3:02
10 Brass Band, Jesus Is All The World To Me, Grace Emmanuel Band 3:29
11 Contemporary Gospel, Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus, Dr. Bobby Jones and New Life 7:34

European & Other Sacred Traditions
12 Hula Pa Ipu, Holo mai pele mai Kahikina, Halau 'o Kekuhi 1:59
13 Baptism & Hymn, We Are Gathering at The River! God's Not Dead, He's Alive, Rev. Bobby Akers 2:00
14 Hymn, Beautiful Hills of Galilee, Hazel Dickens 1:35
15 Gospel Duet, Lord, Give Me One More Day, Rev. John & Mrs. Pauline Sherfey 1:51
16 Country Hymn, Mansion over a Hilltop, Frances Edmonds & Patsy Edmonds Bowers 1:59
17 Bluegrass Gospel, I'm Working On A Building, Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys 2:33
Total Playing Time: (43:02)



1 Tuk Band, The Troubadors Tuk Band :36
2 Fiesta de Guiro, Salute & Invocation to ShangÛ, Florencio Baro & Group :46
3 Rumba, Maria La O, Los Mufiequitos de Matanzas :52
4 Tumba Francesa, Mason Dance :43
CuraÁao & Bonaire
5 Simadan (Harvest Celebration), Simadan Procession & Wapa Dance, Residents of
Rincon :43
6 Se˙ Celebration, Eric La Croes & CuraÁao High School Students 1:18
7 Simadan (Harvest Celebration), Remailo, Residents of Rincon :31
8 Children's Ring Game, Sally Go Round The Sun, Children of Roseau :40
9 Children's Ring Game, Children of Roseau :16
10 Jing Ping, Petite SoufriËre Jing Ping Band 1:03
11 Rara 1:50
12 Maroon Communal Song 1:44
13 Jonkonnu 1:25
14 Rastafarian Song, Fly Away Home, Rastafarian Brethren 2:18
15 Folk Song, Dis Long Time Gal, The Jamaican Folk Singers 1:07
16 Mento Band, Nobody's Business 1:10
17 Biguine, Kali & Group 2:18
18 Martinican Quadrille/Biguine Medley, Ban mwen on ti bo (Give Me A Little Kiss), Bwa Kan' Nel 1:12
Puerto Rico
19 Jibaro Ensemble, Cantor de oficio (The Office of Singer), Familia ColÛn 5:09
St. Lucia
20 Manpa Song, An' bwiye lawo, pou nou fe wadlo lapenn, Members of La Rose 2:44
21 LakonmË PitjÈ, SËl bagay ki ka fË mwen lapenn (The Only Thing That Makes Me Feel Sad), Ives Simeon & Group 3:02
22 Kwadril (Quadrille), Frank Norville Group 1:05
Trinidad and Tobago
23 East Indian Tassa Group, Trinidadian East Indian Musicans & Masqueraders :28
24 Bele, Donald MacAuley with Guest Dancers and Musicians 2:30
25 Work Song with Tamboo Bamboo Band, Five Thirty-five in the Morning, Andrew Beddoe & Group :54
26 Bongo Dance with Tamboo Bamboo Band :50
27 Calinda 1:15
28 Spiritual Baptist Baptism Rite, Members of the United Brotherhood of Time Spiritual School 2:52
29 Parang, Daisy Voisin & Group 1:57
30 Calypso/Soca, Carnival Killer, Denyse Plummer & Kitchener's Review Tent Band 5:07
31 Steelband (Steel Drum Massed Band), Woman Is Boss, Phase II Pan Groove Steelband 4:11
Carnival Montage
32 Carnival/Street Parade Montage - A mix of carnival sequences from St. Lucia, Trinidad, Dominica, Martnique, Jamaica, Antiqua, Grenada, St. Vincent, Barbados, St. Kitts 3:38
Total Playing Time: (58:40)



Belize, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Guyana
1 Brukdown, Boom 'n' Shine Band 1:50
2 Ritual Song/Dance, Da-Òo?re, Xavante Indians 1:50
3 Rural Samba Dance, Samba de Roda, Residents of Sobara, Bahia 2:28
4 Religious Possession Dance, CandomblÈ, Members of a CandomblÈ Terreiro 4:09
5 Martial Art/Dance, Capoeira de Angola, Capoeira Group 2:28
6 Popular Songs, Meu desespero ninguem ve/Sou homen feliz (No One Sees My Despair/ I Am a Happy Man), Batatinha & Group 2:15
7 Popular Song, Toda menina Baiana (All Bahian Girls), Gilberto Gil & Djalma Correa 1:27
8 Topical Song (Samba), Led Brend„o 1:35
9 Samba School Rehearsal & Carnival Parade 3:00
10 Popular Song (Bossa Nova), Aguas do MarÁo (March Waters), Antonio Carlos Jobim 3:10
11 —illatun (Fertility Rite), Pehuenches Indians 4:01
12 Shaman Ceremony, Fiesta de Hueico Chico, Mapuche Indians 3:38
13 Bailes Chinos Dance and Canto a lo Divino, People of Pocochai 5:14
14 Flute and Drum Music, Arhoacho Indians 1:39
15 Conjunto de Gaitas 1:04
16 Poro, Brass Band 1:14
17 Vallenato (Protest Song), Nafer Dur·n 1:26
18 Joropo, Music of the Llanos 1:58
19 Shaman Sacrifice and Chant Diego, Maya Shaman 1:45
20 Shaman Chanting with Flute, Diego, Maya Shaman 2:10
21 Masquerade Dancing with Fife and Drum Ensemble 1:28
22 Youth Competition Dancing with Fife and Drum Ensemble, Guyanese Children :50
Total Playing Time: (53:46)



Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela
1 Ritual Song and Procession, Mayan Tajimoltik Carnival Participants 2:41
2 CanciÛn Rom·ntica, Tango negro (The Black Tango), Lydia Mendoza 1:22
3 Ranchera Rom·ntica, Volver, volver, Guadalupe Betancourt with Los Regionales de
Linares 2:52
4 Corrido (Frontera Music), La tumba de abandonada, Los Regionales de Linares 3:02
5 La Criteria, Various Purisimas (Songs to the Virgin Mary), El Baile de la Indita Lujosa,
Children from MonimbÛ & Dancers & Musicians from Jinotepe 1:34
6 Los Chinegros, Los Chinegros de NindirÌ 1:20
7 El Toro Guaco, Dancers and Musicians from Diriamba 1:49
8 El Baile de Negras, Various Groups of Dancers 3:22
Amazonian Culture
9 Plank and Slit Drumming, Bora Indians 3:17
10 Horn Signal, Manguare Boy :22
11 Festive Dance, Bora Indians 2:27
Andean Culture
12 Shepherd Song Community of Q'eros 1:08
13 Harawi :55
14 Song from Dance of the Pallas 1:09
15 Michicoq (Water Guiding and Cleansing Ritual) 2:51
16 Ritual Music and Dance for Marking Cattle, Festival of Santiago :59
17 Dance of the Chunchus 1:15
18 Andean Carnival Music 1:18
Coastal Black and Urban Culture
19 The Festejo, Mari· Ballumbrosio 2:15
20 Festejo 1:14
21 Zapateo 1:40
22 Hatajo de Negritos (Afro-Peruvian Christmas Dance), Children with Amador Ballumbrosio 1:10
23 PregÛn, Abelardo Vasquez 2:35
24 Marinera, Palmero, sube a Ia palma, Wilfredo Franco and Monica Rojas 1:58
25 Male Oratory, Yanomami .50
26 Flute Solo, Panare Indian .20
27 Flute Solos and Duets, Hoti Indians 3:00
28 Joropo, Pajarillo 1:05
29 Carrizos de Guaribe, Pan Pipes 1:30
30 Diablos Danzantes (Devil Dance) 2:03
Total Playing Time: (55:03)

JVC Smithsonian Folkways Africa Collection -- 3 DVDs and 3 Books

Released in October of 1996, this three tape, three book collection does not duplicate any of the performances from the original JVC Video Anthology volumes on Africa. It comes complete with detailed notes regarding the regions, performers and performances and provides an introduction to the vastness of traditional musical forms in Africa. 72 performances from 11 African countries. 156 minutes.

Volume One

1. Egyptian-Gypsy Dance, Banat Mazin 1:12
2. Epic Poem/Song, Sa'id Duwwi 1:19
3. Festival Street Dancing, Ghawazi with Mizmar and Tabl Baladi Musicians 1:37
4. Zar Ritual, Zar Ensemble 4:19
5. Commercial Egyptian Folk Music, Mitqal Qinnawi 1:34 

6. Enanga/Ibyevugo, Enuma, Herbert Bakesigaki 2:25
7. Ekizino (dance) and Enanga (music), Enganda-za -higa, Herbert Bakesigaki and relatives 1:11
8. Baksima Dance, Nankasa, Tebifanana Abifuna Cultural Group 4:53
9. Mbire, Otabuna mukaire - olumbe wamanyi, Balikowa Centurio, Peter Kabodha and David Kasata 2:54
10. Mbaire, Nsawo Mbaire Group 3:27
11. Entongoli, Baligesima, Balikow Centurio 2:34
12. Orak, Dingidingi, Wat-mon Cultural Group :58
13. Nanga, Aita ogolo pula, Wat-mon Cultural Group 3:12
14. Orak Dance, Larakaraka, Wat-mon Cultural Group 3:02
15. Akogo, Ebangana Erionon, Edukut William 2:57
16. Adungu, Anyira maro ju mulony, Nebbi Community Adungu Group 6:17
17. Agwara, Muziri pokire ongo, Nebbi Community Agwara Group 3:42 

18. Wolof Drumming Accompanying Wrestling, Doudou Ndiaye Rose and His Drummers 1:40
19. Jola Drumming and Dancing :31
20. Wolof Drumming, Bata Kene Ndiaye and Sidati Aidara, Doudou Ndiaye Rose and His Ensemble 8:09

Total Playing Time: (56:38)


Volume Two

The Gambia
1. Mandinka Drumming and Dancing, Lenjengo, Sherif Kante and His Ensemble 1:01
2. Jembe Drumming and Dancing, Professional Dance Troupe from The Gambia :53
3. Children's Games and Dances, Townschildren 1:19
4. Choreographed Dances and Dance Drama, Hunters Dance, Vai Musicians and Dancers 3:28
5. Mamadu bali suku Praise Song to Mohammed, Sande Society Initiates :40
6. Acrobatic Dancing Wusa - Poro Society Initiate Dance Troupe and Musicians 2:21
7. Gbanda (Communal Dance), maa tombo (Competitive Dance), Vai Dancers, Musicians, and Singers 1:55
8. Gbanda (Communal Dance), Ngele, Vai Musicians, Singers, and Dancers 2:01
9. Masquerade Dancing zoo-Ba Praise Song Vai zoo-Ba, Singers, Musicians 1:37
10. Masquerade Dance, mua zoo-Ba nama koo (We Have a New zoo-Ba), Vai zoo-Ba (Spirit-Impersonator), Musicians, Singers 7:08
11. Masquerade Dance, Vai Yavi (Masked Male Dancer), Musicians, Singers :30
12. Masquerade Dance, Vai Nafali (Masked Male Dancer), Musicians, Singers 1:03
13. Sande Graduation Dance/Procession, suma DEN-nu tombo (Beautiful Children's Procession), Vai Sande Women 1:21
14. Singers' Procession, wa kunE DON (Morning Greeting Song), Kende Kiahon (Accordion), and Lamellaephone Player 1:28
15A. Chiefs Procession/Dance, Vai Town Musicians, Chorus Singers, Paramount Chiefs 1:48
15B. Secret Societies' Procession, Dazoo (Sacred Head of Poro), poro kai-nu (Men of Poro), siduama-nu (Traditional Side Drum Players) 2:30
16. Fontomfrom (Akan Court Dance), Kyerematen and Nana Nketia 2:30
17. Adowa (Funeral Dance and Drumming), Kwasi Agyei, Madame Afua Pokuwaa, Professor Mawere Opoku 1:13
18. Kete (Court Dance), Asante Musicians, Cantor, Dancers 1:03
19. Agbadza, Ewe Musicians, Singers, Dancers 1:01
20. Boboobo, Ewe Dancers, Singers, Drummers 1:24
21. Gome (Recreational Dance), Blema Oblahi Cultural Troupe 2:14
22. Mama, Members of Manya Krobo (Dangme) Ethnic Group 1:00
23. Pogne, A Buno Yeti, Frafra Women's Chorus :44
24. Dea and Lelik Members of Kasena-Nankani and Builsa Ethnic Groups :57
25. Gyongo Dance and Nagila Drumming, Members of Kasena-Nankani Ethnic Groups  1:04
26. Gyongo Dance and Nagila Drumming, Members of Kasena-Nankani Ethnic  Groups :28
27. Gulo, Paga-Chania Group :58
28. Bawaa, Members of Dagaaba Ethnic Group :57
29. Welle (or Woori), Member of Gagaaba Ethnic Group :23

30. Hausa Boxing Contest Music 4:19
30A. Praise Song Alhaji 'Dan Anace and Drummers 1:22
31. Street Music, Benjamin Kokoro 2:22
32. Highlife, Oriental Brothers 2:36
33. Juju, King Sunny Ade

Total Playing Time: (51:53)


Volume Three

1. Women's Work Group, Kikuyu Women 2:05 

2. Ingoma Warriors' Dance, Ngoni Dancers 5:57
3. Funeral Gourd Music, Tumbuka Villagers 3.00
4. Vimbuza (Spirit Possession Divinatory Trance), Timbuka Healers 6:14
5. Kazoo Band, Malipenga, Ngonde, Tonga, and Tumbuka 3:07
6. Song with Musical Bow, Bitter Melons, Ukxone 1:39
7A. Porcupine Game, !Ku|kebe, |Gaiamakhwe, and ||kue||kabe :19
7B. Musical Bow Duet Game, Hyena Song !Ku|kebe :21
8. Ostrich Mating Dance-Game, Men and Boys of Ei kxa o and Okwa Villages, South Africa 2:58 

South Africa
9. Lullaby, Thula umtwana :55
10. Ngoma Dancing 1:12
11. Basotho Ndhlamo Dancing Basotho Workers 1:33
12. Contemporary African Xylophone Ensemble 2:11
13. Gumboot Dancing South African Miners 1:01
14. Zulu Ngoma Dancing, Zululand Workers 2:36
15. Zulu Isicatamiya 2:05
16. Zulu Traditional Guitar and Mouth Bow Song, Johnny Clegg and Sipho Mchunu 1:06
17. Independent Zulu Church Hymn 1:02
18. Afrikaner Historical Folkloric Dance :28
19. Isicatamiya Choir, Ladysmith Black Mambazo 1:35
20. Mbaqanga Band, Mahotella Queens 1:48
21. Mbaqanga Band, Abafana base Qhudeni (Boys of the Rooster) 1:51
22. Malombo African Jazz, Pew Fere, Philip Thabane and Malombo 1:14

Total Playing Time: (47:38)

JVC Smithsonian Folkways Europe Collection -- 2 DVDs and 2 Books

59 traditional music and dance performances of Europe packaged in a two DVD/two booklet collection. Featured countries include Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Serbia.

Volume 1


1 Hymn, Min lifstid er · fleygiferd (My Life is a Flying Journey), Thordur ThÛmasson 1:36
2 Nursery Rhyme, Ridum og ridum, Hildigunnur ValdimarsdÛttir :40
3 Two-part Song, Kvˆlda tekur sest er sÛl (The Sun Has Set in the Evening), JÛn JÛsefsson and Eyjolfur JÛnsson 1:20
4 Rimur (Epic Song), Althingisrimur (Rimur about the Debate in Parlia-ment), Haraldur Matthiasson 1:04
5 Clapping Song, Sing Sang Sukk, Two Ten Year-old Girls :19
6 Ballad, Song-dance, ≈lebrands vise (The Ballad of Alebrand), Inhabitants of Sumba, Faroe Islands 1:10
7 Couple Dance, Hopsa fra Nordfyn, Evald and Hardy Thomsen 2:08
8 Couple Dance, Tyrolervals (Tyrolienne), Frederiksen's Orchestra and Local Dancers 2:14
9 Longways Dance, Den Toppede H¯ne (The Tufted Hen), Frederiksen's Orchestra and Local Dancers 1:40
10 Couple Dance, Trippevals (Tripping Waltz), Helge S¯rensen, Thomas Ingolf S¯rensen, Lilian S¯rensen, Citte Wammen, and Local Dancers 1:28
11 Shack Song, Jeg har en hund der hedder Bob (I Have a Dog, Its Name is Bob), Henning Andersen 1:07
12 Whistle Tune Medley, The Wind That Shakes the Barley/ The Lady on the Island, Micho Russell 1:50
13 Ballad with Harp, Rory Ûg MacRory, Aideen O'Donnell 1:48
14 Reels, The Penny Lassies/The Reel with the Birl in It, Micho Russell 2:28 Scotland
15 Scottish Country Dance, The White Cockade, Drumalbane Dance Group :53
16 Scottish Ceilidh, The Dashing White Sergeant (Dance), Gordon Pattullo Trio 1.50
17 Traditional Ballad, Ae Fond Kiss, Billy Ross and John Martin 2.22 Wales
18 Welsh Country Dances, Dawnswyr Ysgol Strade (Dancers ftom Strade School) ftom Llanelli 1:33
19 Longsword Dance, Goathland Plough Stots 1:28
20 Northwest Morris Dance, The Abram Circle Dance, Abram Morris Dancers 2:24
21 Women's Morris Dance, Severn Gilders Women's Dance Team 2:09
22 South Yorkshire Longsword Dance, Grenoside Traditional Longsword Dancers 2:37
23 Song, The Sword Dancer's Song, John Browell 1:05
Czech Republic
24 Sword Dance, People of the Village Komna, 2:45
25 Carnival Village Tour, Members of Lipov Folk Group 2:46
26 Children's Carnival Procession, Members of Velicka 2:03
27 Men's Verbuiik Dance, Men of the Folk Group Slov·cky Kruzek :38
28 Couple Dance, Horn·ck· sedl·ck·, Slovack Kruzek Folklore Group 2:20
29 Fiddle and Cymb·l Variations from Central Slovakia, Young People from Bratislava 1:14
30 Karicky (Girl's Dance from East Slovakia) 1:14
31 Hungarian Gypsy Music, Urban Style, Sandor Lakatos and Ensemble 2:00
32A. Children's Song, Two Romany children 2:54
32B. Traditional Gypsy Stick Dance and Music Belgium Flemish Sword Dance, Lange Wapper Group 1:43
Total Playing Time: (58:34)


Volume 2

1 Bretagne Round Dances, La RidÈe du Pays Gallo & La Tour du Rhuys, MÈriadec Celtic Society 2:45
2 Men's Chorus, Aqueros mountagnes (These Mountains), Singing Highlanders from Lourdes :51
3 Waltz Played on the Bagpipe, Mon Annetou (My Little Ann), Joseph Ruols 1:42
4 BourrÈe ‡ quatre, Chatel-Guyon, The Gannat BourrÈe Society 1:35
5 Vielle Duette (Hurdy-gurdy Duet), Patrick Bouffard and Laurence Pinchemaille 1:32
6 Branle, Stamp Your Feet Dance Society with Thieny Bertrand 1:50
7 Grand'danse, A l'ombre d'un buisson (In the Shade of a Bush), Maurice Bodin :50
8 Quadrille, Les voltigeurs de La Forclaz, Valley of Arly Dance Society and Ensemble 3:08
9 Dance Tune, AndrÈ Ouvrier Bonnaz :42
10 Urban Music: Bal Musette, ¿ Paris, Francis Lemarque, Marcel Azzola, & Rene "Didi" Duprat Spain 2:52
11 Zambra, Traditional Gypsy Flamenco Dance, La Maraquilla and Members of the Cortez Family 2:22
12 Cante Flamenco Ballad, La Perata :58
13 Religious Celebration, Las Bandas de Lliria, Music Ensemble and Local People 2:02
14 Sword Dance, Xemeingo Ezpata Dantza, Men of the Markino ko Zerutxa Dance Ensemble 1:39
15 Women's Dance with Implements, Dance with Oars, Women of the Markino ko Zerutxa Dance Ensemble 1:40
16 Trallalleri (Male Polyphonic Songs) 3:01
17 Funeral Ritual, Dancing for the Dead, Bogoie Karajevic, Gicic Kolice Nikola 4:14
18 Incantations, Healing Chant, Dumitra (Mitra) Roskic 1:14
19 Wedding Ritual, Wedding Dance (Hora), Newlyweds, Family, and Guests 1:47
20 Epic Ballad, Ghita Catanuta Bogoie Karejevic 2:28
21 Lament, Lament for a Dead Son 1:18
22 Healing Ritual, The Ca1us Ritual: Healing of a Woman, Mitru Toman and Malacu Constantin 5:01
23 Dance Suite, Purtata, Ponturi, Œnv‚rtita, and Hategana, Kovace Iosca, Moldoveanu Viorel, and Vidam Alexandru 3:02
24 Turning Dance, Œnv‚rtita, Participants at a Wedding Ceremony 1:03
25 Wedding Procession, Collecting the Bride 2:35
26 Suite of Dance Tunes, Slow, Medium & Fast Cs·rd·s 4:33
Total Playing Time: (58:12)