JVC Smithsonian Folkways Anthology of Music and Dance of Europe Collection

JVC Smithsonian Folkways Anthology of Music and Dance of Europe Collection


This two DVD/two booklet collection featured 59 traditional music and dance performances from Europe including Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Serbia.

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JVC Smithsonian Folkways Europe Collection -- 2 DVDs and 2 Books
59 traditional music and dance performances of Europe packaged in a two DVD/two booklet collection. Featured countries include Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Serbia.


"Sword dances of three nations form a sub-genre on a tape so artfully edited it can be watched for pleasure as well as study. A feast of fancy footwork, though Irish piper Micho Russell and others, make the musical content exceptional, too."
-LA Times


"The absence of narration allows uninterrupted absorption of the filmed and recorded material. The printed notes explain what you see and hear."
-Sing Out!

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Volume 1


1 Hymn, Min lifstid er · fleygiferd (My Life is a Flying Journey), Thordur ThÛmasson 1:36
2 Nursery Rhyme, Ridum og ridum, Hildigunnur ValdimarsdÛttir :40
3 Two-part Song, Kvˆlda tekur sest er sÛl (The Sun Has Set in the Evening), JÛn JÛsefsson and Eyjolfur JÛnsson 1:20
4 Rimur (Epic Song), Althingisrimur (Rimur about the Debate in Parlia-ment), Haraldur Matthiasson 1:04
5 Clapping Song, Sing Sang Sukk, Two Ten Year-old Girls :19
6 Ballad, Song-dance, ≈lebrands vise (The Ballad of Alebrand), Inhabitants of Sumba, Faroe Islands 1:10
7 Couple Dance, Hopsa fra Nordfyn, Evald and Hardy Thomsen 2:08
8 Couple Dance, Tyrolervals (Tyrolienne), Frederiksen's Orchestra and Local Dancers 2:14
9 Longways Dance, Den Toppede H¯ne (The Tufted Hen), Frederiksen's Orchestra and Local Dancers 1:40
10 Couple Dance, Trippevals (Tripping Waltz), Helge S¯rensen, Thomas Ingolf S¯rensen, Lilian S¯rensen, Citte Wammen, and Local Dancers 1:28
11 Shack Song, Jeg har en hund der hedder Bob (I Have a Dog, Its Name is Bob), Henning Andersen 1:07
12 Whistle Tune Medley, The Wind That Shakes the Barley/ The Lady on the Island, Micho Russell 1:50
13 Ballad with Harp, Rory Ûg MacRory, Aideen O'Donnell 1:48
14 Reels, The Penny Lassies/The Reel with the Birl in It, Micho Russell 2:28 Scotland
15 Scottish Country Dance, The White Cockade, Drumalbane Dance Group :53
16 Scottish Ceilidh, The Dashing White Sergeant (Dance), Gordon Pattullo Trio 1.50
17 Traditional Ballad, Ae Fond Kiss, Billy Ross and John Martin 2.22 Wales
18 Welsh Country Dances, Dawnswyr Ysgol Strade (Dancers ftom Strade School) ftom Llanelli 1:33
19 Longsword Dance, Goathland Plough Stots 1:28
20 Northwest Morris Dance, The Abram Circle Dance, Abram Morris Dancers 2:24
21 Women's Morris Dance, Severn Gilders Women's Dance Team 2:09
22 South Yorkshire Longsword Dance, Grenoside Traditional Longsword Dancers 2:37
23 Song, The Sword Dancer's Song, John Browell 1:05
Czech Republic
24 Sword Dance, People of the Village Komna, 2:45
25 Carnival Village Tour, Members of Lipov Folk Group 2:46
26 Children's Carnival Procession, Members of Velicka 2:03
27 Men's Verbuiik Dance, Men of the Folk Group Slov·cky Kruzek :38
28 Couple Dance, Horn·ck· sedl·ck·, Slovack Kruzek Folklore Group 2:20
29 Fiddle and Cymb·l Variations from Central Slovakia, Young People from Bratislava 1:14
30 Karicky (Girl's Dance from East Slovakia) 1:14
31 Hungarian Gypsy Music, Urban Style, Sandor Lakatos and Ensemble 2:00
32A. Children's Song, Two Romany children 2:54
32B. Traditional Gypsy Stick Dance and Music Belgium Flemish Sword Dance, Lange Wapper Group 1:43
Total Playing Time: (58:34)


Volume 2

1 Bretagne Round Dances, La RidÈe du Pays Gallo & La Tour du Rhuys, MÈriadec Celtic Society 2:45
2 Men's Chorus, Aqueros mountagnes (These Mountains), Singing Highlanders from Lourdes :51
3 Waltz Played on the Bagpipe, Mon Annetou (My Little Ann), Joseph Ruols 1:42
4 BourrÈe ‡ quatre, Chatel-Guyon, The Gannat BourrÈe Society 1:35
5 Vielle Duette (Hurdy-gurdy Duet), Patrick Bouffard and Laurence Pinchemaille 1:32
6 Branle, Stamp Your Feet Dance Society with Thieny Bertrand 1:50
7 Grand'danse, A l'ombre d'un buisson (In the Shade of a Bush), Maurice Bodin :50
8 Quadrille, Les voltigeurs de La Forclaz, Valley of Arly Dance Society and Ensemble 3:08
9 Dance Tune, AndrÈ Ouvrier Bonnaz :42
10 Urban Music: Bal Musette, ¿ Paris, Francis Lemarque, Marcel Azzola, & Rene "Didi" Duprat Spain 2:52
11 Zambra, Traditional Gypsy Flamenco Dance, La Maraquilla and Members of the Cortez Family 2:22
12 Cante Flamenco Ballad, La Perata :58
13 Religious Celebration, Las Bandas de Lliria, Music Ensemble and Local People 2:02
14 Sword Dance, Xemeingo Ezpata Dantza, Men of the Markino ko Zerutxa Dance Ensemble 1:39
15 Women's Dance with Implements, Dance with Oars, Women of the Markino ko Zerutxa Dance Ensemble 1:40
16 Trallalleri (Male Polyphonic Songs) 3:01
17 Funeral Ritual, Dancing for the Dead, Bogoie Karajevic, Gicic Kolice Nikola 4:14
18 Incantations, Healing Chant, Dumitra (Mitra) Roskic 1:14
19 Wedding Ritual, Wedding Dance (Hora), Newlyweds, Family, and Guests 1:47
20 Epic Ballad, Ghita Catanuta Bogoie Karejevic 2:28
21 Lament, Lament for a Dead Son 1:18
22 Healing Ritual, The Ca1us Ritual: Healing of a Woman, Mitru Toman and Malacu Constantin 5:01
23 Dance Suite, Purtata, Ponturi, Œnv‚rtita, and Hategana, Kovace Iosca, Moldoveanu Viorel, and Vidam Alexandru 3:02
24 Turning Dance, Œnv‚rtita, Participants at a Wedding Ceremony 1:03
25 Wedding Procession, Collecting the Bride 2:35
26 Suite of Dance Tunes, Slow, Medium & Fast Cs·rd·s 4:33
Total Playing Time: (58:12)