root·stock [ˈro͞otˌstäk] noun
          1. a rhizome.
                 • a plant onto which another variety is grafted.
                 • a primary form or source from which offshoots have arisen.

Rootstock Publishing is an innovative, hybrid partnership publishing company* that collaborates with authors, whom we think of as the rootstock, the primary source. We are not unique, modeling ourselves on other relatively new, non-traditional publishing partnership houses that have met with successes for many new writers. We seek writers who want more control over their work, who seek higher earnings per book sold, and who are willing to invest toward that end. 

Rootstock's publishing model is designed to maximize the profits for the author, preserve the author's ownership of her copyright, and provide the author with editing, proofing, design, and print book distribution through IngramSpark, Baker & Taylor and many online channels of distribution for both the print and eBook formats.  We support the author's promotional efforts in creating the greatest exposure for the work possible.  

Rootstock Publishing is an imprint of Multicultural Media Inc., home of Lyrichord World Music, Lyrichord Classical and Early Music, Multicultural Media's Music of the Earth recordings, Rootstock Recordings, MCM Films, and the acclaimed JVC Smithsonian Folkways DVD collections of world music and dance, featuring 41 volumes and 20 books.  We have over 30 years experience publishing program books that accompany music and film programs on compact disc and DVD. We have years of experience in selling internationally, and we have attended many convention/trade shows like the American Booksellers Association (now BookExpo), the American Library Association, New England Independent Booksellers Association, Mid-Atlantic Booksellers, and the New England Library Association shows.

Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else
— Gloria Steinem

   *What is (hybrid) partnership publishing?  

Simply put, it is a partnership between an author and a publisher involving the author's commitment to invest money and time in the book in return for the publisher’s commitment of its expertise and support. Hybrid partnership agreements differ. Our partnership publishing process requires not only a fine, well-crafted work, but an involved and committed author. If you believe the only thing you need to do is send your manuscript to a publisher and sit back while they do everything and pay you major royalties, not to mention send you on a major book tour, you probably are already a celebrity or a best-selling author and you don't need to read any further. In reality, as a new and unknown author, your commitment and participation are crucial, regardless of how you get published.  This partnership entails a commitment from Rootstock to accept only high-quality manuscripts and work with authors from the very early stages of editing and proofing all the way through to the distribution and marketing of the book. Your success is our success.

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Next Chapter Bookstore Barre VT

Next Chapter Bookstore
Barre VT

Northshire Books, Manchester VT

Northshire Books,
Manchester VT


   Rootstock Publishing is a proud member of the Independent Publishers of New England, the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), and the New England Independent Booksellers Association, and the New England Library Association.   

We support and adhere to the IBPA industry standards checklist. 

One of our founders, Stephen McArthur, serves on the Board of Directors of the Independent Publishers of New England.