You've worked hard on your manuscript and you're ready to publish. You've published a book and you’re ready to promote. But where to start? Look no further. 

Rootstock Publishing offers authors a publishing partnership in which the author maintains control of her work, retains her copyright, and earns the highest profit available in the industry for her work, while still receiving the expertise needed to edit, design, print, promote and distribute her book to every market possible.

Rootstock Author Publicity & Promotion Services works with any author or creative artist separate from any publishing agreement to promote, market and publicize a book, CD or DVD. We have consulted with and supported many creative people over the years. 

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The best hybrid publishers conduct some level of gatekeeping, offer value that the author would have a hard time securing on her own, and should also pay better royalties than a traditional publishing deal. (Fifty percent is common.) If the hybrid publisher presents itself as little more than “Here’s a package of services you can buy,” then it’s most likely a dressed-up self-publishing firm.
— Jane Friedman, former President and Chief Executive Officer of HarperCollins Publishers Worldwide