Grow Your Poetry with Rootstock

Rootstock Publishing’s Poetry Series offers a publishing partnership to grow your book of poetry from poems on a page to a beautifully designed, edited, and printed book and ebook that are available for purchase where all books and ebooks are sold. 

What do we look for in a book of poetry? Language that sings, poems that engage, and words that grow in the reader’s imagination. We are looking for highly polished, high-quality poems that create a collection. How do you know if your collection is ready for publication? Does your collection of poems follow an arc and allow the reader to see a story in the book as a whole? Do your poems stand alone and also tell a story together? These are some questions that should guide your manuscript. Once you have reached this stage, we look forward to helping you through the rest of the process.

Submission Guidelines: 

  • Full-length manuscript of 50–100 pages of poetry.

  • Poetry can be defined as broadly as the author decides. Prose poems, hybrid form, songs, spoken word, and performance poetry pieces are all accepted, as well as traditional forms of poetry and poetry in abstract forms.

  • Individual poems in the manuscript may have been previously published.

  • Except for when needed to express creative elements within a poem, we expect the manuscript to be in a common font (Times, Times New Roman, Georgia), in 12-point font size, with one poem on each page.

  • Title page included.

  • Page numbers included.

  • Table of Contents included.

  • Acknowledgements page included, if applicable.

  • Submit through Submittable or postal mail to address below. 

A $25 reading fee must be included with each submission. If sending through postal mail, please make checks out to Rootstock Publishing and send to 27 Main St., Suite 6, Montpelier, VT 05602. Your $25 reading fee will help pay for our professional staff of readers, as well as cover costs of Submittable.

Poetry Series Fee Structure: $3,900 Standard (Full-Service). Please see the Level One Partnership Publishing Agreement on this page to understand what services are covered.