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Stephen McArthur
Founder & Co-Publisher
Vacuum Cleaner Operator

Stephen has been a producer and distributor of popular music and educational media (audiovisual, recorded music, and books), since 1985.  Multicultural Media Inc., which he founded in 1991, is the creator of the Music of the Earth recordings series, the Rootstock Recordings series featuring world music artists, the MCM DVD series of music documentaries and performance films, and the world renowned JVC Smithsonian Folkways DVD world music and dance collections, consisting of forty-one video programs and twenty books.

     In 2015, he purchased Lyrichord Discs, Inc., the venerable New York recording label founded in 1950, that owns over 5000 tracks of music from a wide range of genres, including world music, classical, baroque, early and renaissance music.

He and his wife, author, journalist, editor, and writing professor, Rickey Gard Diamond, started Rootstock Publishing in 2016 to bring their skills to the world of book publishing. 

     Stephen oversees all publishing projects and works directly with authors and support teams of editors, proofreaders, designers, and publicists. stephen@rootstockpublishing.com

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Rickey Gard Diamond
Editor, Co-Publisher, Award-Winning Journalist, Ms. Magazine Columnist, Author (the list goes on and on)

Rickey was Editor of the statewide newspapers The People's Voice and Vermont Woman.  As a Professor of Liberal Studies at Vermont College for over 20 years, she has worked with scores of writing students—editing, advising, and assessing their work. She published her first novel, Second Sight, with Calyx Books, which was then re-issued by Harper Collins Publishers. In 2012, she wrote a series of six articles about women and the economy, which won her a National Newspaper Award. Her collection of short stories, Whole Worlds Could Pass Away, was released in July of 2017 by Rootstock Publishing. Three years ago she was awarded a Hedgebrook Writing Fellowship, where she spent her time working on her book from She Writes Press, Screwnomics: How Our Economy Hurts Women and Real Ways To Make Change, released in April 2018. As a result of Screwnomics, Rickey now writes a regular online column in Ms. Magazine under the banner Women Unscrewing Screwnomics. Finally, Screwnomics was awarded the 2019 Independent Publishers (IPPY) Silver award for Best Women’s Issues book.

     Rickey reads manuscript submissions, provides editorial direction and supervision, works directly with authors, and serves as overall graphic design supervisor for Rootstock Publishing. 

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Courtney Boynton Jenkins
Content Editor

With a passion for the written word and an ear for cadence, I look forward to helping you present your work in its very best light. I have a talent for entering the viewpoint of your narrative and identifying any areas of difficulty that may distract your readers from being fully immersed in your story. I am also adept at spotting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. I am excited to add your writing to my repertoire of experience in fiction and creative nonfiction, including humorous memoir, mystery/romance, full-length how-to books, self-help, and various smaller projects, such as website blurbs and guidebooks. Please let me know if I can be of service to you on your path to publishing. Together, we can make your words Shine!  soaringarrow@gmail.com // https://soaringarrowediting.com/ 

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Samantha Kolber
Poetry Series Editor & Marketing Maven

Samantha Kolber’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Tiny Seed Journal, Rise Up Review, Red Silk: A Red Tent Anthology, Hunger Mountain, Minerva Rising, and PoemCity, among others. Prizes include runner-up in the 2010 Ruth Stone Poetry Prize and first place in the 2014 J. Richard Barry Memorial Award from The Poetry Society of Vermont. She received her MFA in creative writing from Goddard College, and recently completed a post-grad semester at the Solstice MFA Program at Pine Manor College. She lives in Montpelier, where she writes poetry, takes care of her family, and coordinates author events for her favorite independent bookstore, Bear Pond Books. Previous jobs include associate director of sales & marketing at Tupelo Press, managing editor of Hunger Mountain at VCFA, and publications and communications manager at Goddard College.   samantha@rootstockpublishing.com  

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Paul Hislop
Techie, IT Guru & House Drummer

Paul has been working with Multicultural Media Inc. for twenty years, working on inventory, database and information technology, and website maintenance. Paul is now bringing his expertise to the growth of Rootstock Publishing. In his free time, Paul is an active and in-demand drummer for many various bands and musicians in Vermont.

How Important is a Well-Designed Book Cover?

"The average bookstore browser spends 3-8 seconds on the front cover and 12-15 seconds on the back cover before making a buying decision. 75% of booksellers say that the cover is the most important element of a book" 

– Hobie Hobart, Dunn+Associates Design

Our Editorial and Design Partners


Gail Carrigan (editing/design)

Gail Carrigan is a communications and publishing professional with experience developing content, editing manuscripts and proofreading. In addition, she is a graphic designer with a background in the design and layout of publications.

Gail’s career in publishing includes newspapers, magazines and textbooks. She has worked with Addison Wesley, Wadsworth and Meredith Corporation in a variety of roles, including Production Editor, Manager of Design Services and Creative Director, shepherding publications from manuscripts through printed publications. Her experience has provided her with an intimate knowledge of each step of the publishing process and experience working with new and seasoned writers.

Her education includes a BA in Communications from UC Berkeley and a Master’s Certificate in Visual Communications from Clark University.

You can reach Gail at gacarrigan@westcoast-east.com and see samples of her work at https://www.westcoast-east.com/gail-carrigan/

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Carrie Cook (design)

...a jazz bass player with a design problem! Carrie is a graduate of Parson’s School of Design in NYC (BFA), attended Otis Parsons in Los Angeles and has over 45 years of experience in this field. She is an award winning book designer, illustrator and graphic designer who still remembers the old guys smoking fat cigars hovering over their bubbling hot metal linotype machines.

She has a diverse history in publication design: children’s books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, text books, fiction, non-fiction and large format coffee table and art books. She’s also done much corporate identity including, logos, fliers and posters. CD and DVD packaging as well. A few of the organizations and companies she’s worked with are: Fawcett Publications, Scholastic Publications, Time Life, Meridith Publications, The Council of State Governments Justice Center, The Vermont State Curator’s Office, The University of Vermont, The Intervale and Height of Land Publications. Some recent books are: A Lifetime of Vermont People, Stowe: A Vermont Town for All Seasons, Vermont Wild (Volume 4), Breaking Through and May You Drink from the Saucer.

She has worked closely with authors from around the world and taken their manuscripts to fully printed books, including creating the cover and interior artwork and illustration.  Carrie is currently a freelance designer living in Hyde Park, VT and can be reached at yoka_vermont@yahoo.com

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 Rebecca Davison (editing/design)

Rebecca Davison is one of the principals with Ravenmark. Her experience as a book editor and packager equips her with the skill to organize project teams, keep projects on schedule, and within budget. As an editor and writer, she is keenly aware that beautiful design demands beautiful language. A believer in the story, a lover of the shape and sound of words, she works with writers and clients’ in-house staff to cast their message into engaging prose. She has transferred her experience in book design to the digital world helping clients find visibility in the mass of Internet clutter. She can be contacted directly at rebecca@ravenmark.com

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Anne Dillon (editing)

Anne Dillon is a published author, screenwriter, ghostwriter, and seasoned editor, having worked in the publishing industry for over fifteen years. Anne has worked with innumerable authors in the United States and Europe and was an in-house editor at Inner Traditions, Bear & Company—a niche publisher that publishes over one hundred and twenty books per year and whose books are distributed by Simon and Schuster. She served in this capacity for over eight years and now freelances for them, as well as for various agencies in New York City. Authors whose work she edited while at Inner Traditions include Terry Tempest Williams, Stan Grof, Deepak Chopra, Colin Wilson, Alice Walker, and Coleman Barks. 

Anne will work with you to polish your writing gifts, but not trample your unique voice. From line editing and copy editing to major structural overhauls, Anne will collaborate with you to bring out the best that your work has to offer, be that a poem, a screenplay, a novel, a memoir, or a work of nonfiction. She can be reached at clerestory@madriver.com.

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Nancy Disenhaus (editing)

As a longtime teacher of literature and writing, I have coached thousands of writers through every stage of their work,  from development of ideas through final editing for grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling. My goal has always been to nurture writers as they work through successive drafts, helping them bring their vision to light in its most satisfying final form. I bring to my work enthusiasm, tact, deep knowledge of writing and literature, and a great respect for the writer's act of creation.  I care about each writer's individual needs and goals.

I offer specific, focused analysis and recommendations at every stage of a project, from manuscript development and organization through line editing and meticulous copyediting, to help the writer bring each piece to its perfectly polished final form. I believe that writers must allow themselves the freedom to inhabit the separate roles Betty Sue Flowers identified as "madman, architect, carpenter, judge," taking time to linger on the creative and big-picture levels of their work--generating and playing with ideas, experimenting with organization and arrangement of material-- before turning to a more fine-grained focus on elements such as crafting clean transitions and smoothing awkward syntax, and finally moving on to the copyediting stage, where my "perfectionista" eye will notice and correct the details that writers themselves may be too familiar with their own texts to see.

I hold an Ed.D. from the University of Vermont in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (2015). My dissertation, "Boys, Writing, and the Literacy Gender Gap: What We Know, What We Think We Know," has been downloaded over 7000 times and is available via Google Scholar.  I hold an M.A.T. in English from Cornell University and a B.A. in history from Mount Holyoke College. Find Nancy at catehaus@ezcloud.com scriptoriumeditingservices.com

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Bronwyn Fryer (editing)

Fryer's latest book is The End of Epidemics: The Looming Threat to Humanity and How to Stop It (St. Martin's Press, 2018) co-authored with Dr. Jonathan D. Quick.  Formerly a senior editor at the Harvard Business Review, Fryer has written articles for The New York Times, Newsweek, Business Week, Wired, Fortune, Inc. and many other publications. Her book clients have included: Dan Ariely, the bestselling author of Predictably Irrational, The Upside of Irrationality and The Truth about Dishonesty (HarperCollins); Geoff Dyer, Hal Gregerson and Clayton Christensen, authors of The Innovator’s DNA; economists John List and Uri Gneezy, authors of The Why Axis (Public Affairs, 2013); social scientists Sheldon Solomon, Jeff Greenberg and Thomas Pyszczynski, authors of the The Worm at the Core (Random House, 2015); NY Times bestselling author and ADHD expert Dr. Edward Hallowell; INSEAD professor Herminia Ibarra; and His Excellency Amr Al-Dabbagh, CEO of the holding company Al-Dabbagh Group and founding chairman of the London-based Stars Foundation. She can be contacted at bronwyn@bronwnfryer.com

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Mark Greenberg (editing)

Publications include: Artists of American Folk Music, Vermont Life magazine, Sing Out magazine, Frets magazine, Vermont History Journal, The JVC-Smithsonian/Folkways Video Anthologies of Music and Dance of The Americas, Inroads magazine, North By Northeast, The Sonneck Society for American Music Bulletin, The Vermont Vanguard Press, The Times Argus, liner notes, study guides

Editing: liner notes editor for The JVC-Smithsonian/Folkways Video Anthologies of Music and Dance of The Americas, Europe, and Africa; liner notes editor for Music of the Earth (Rootstock Recordings); Record Review Editor, Sing Out! magazine.

Teaching: Expository Writing, Goddard College  He can be contacted at: markgvt@yahoo.com

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Tracey J. Hambleton (design)

With a BA in Fine Arts and over 30 years experience as a designer and art director, Tracey will bring both a strong aesthetic sense and technical know-how to your print publishing project. Her career history includes concept creation and design for books and magazines, direct marketing materials, CD packaging, newsletters and brochures. Past clients include Rodale, Education Week, United HealthCare, AARP, the Marshfield Conservation Commission and the TW Wood Gallery.

In addition to her design work, Tracey owns and operates a classic roadside motel in Marshfield, Vermont and spends her free time capturing the beautiful view as a plein air painter.

Reach Tracey at tracey@marshfieldinn.com or old-school on her landline at 802-426-3383.

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Jim Higgins (editing)

Jim Higgins has been immersed in the written word for 45 years in both Vermont and Washington, D.C.  Working primarily with non-profit organizations, he has produced books, newsletters, and other public communications for the Institute for Policy Studies, Environmental Action, Vermont Arts Council, Johnson State College, Goddard College, and the American Federation of Teachers, among others. Also in Vermont he taught writing and literature to adult students at Community College and Woodbury College for ten years.

Recently retired from a 13-year faculty position at Spaulding High School in Barre, Vermont, he continues his eight-year run as a sports columnist for The Times Argus newspaper, among many other ongoing freelance writing and editing projects.

His academic background includes an M.A. in Communication from Stanford University, and a B.A. in American History from Monmouth University. He can be reached at jimhiggins@pshift.com.

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Doni Hoffman (marketing & design)

 Doni Hoffman earned a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with a focus on sustainability and communications from Dickinson College. After college, she helped to found a community-building non-profit organization and served as its Executive Director for five years. She has extensive experience in community organizing, business administration, event planning, and managing complex projects. Doni also has a significant background in marketing, specifically social media promotion and website development.

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Nancy Cameron Marriott (editing)

As a free-lance book editor, author and coach with over 20 years of experience in the commercial book industry, Nancy has helped hundreds of authors reach their writing and publishing goals. Her niche is alternative health and medicine, but she has also worked on books on spirituality/metaphysics, women’s issues, and personal memoirs. 

Her background includes a BA in English from the University of Massachusetts and an MA in English and Theater Arts from Columbia University, as well as study abroad at Oxford University and a TESOL certificate in English as a Second Language. She started out as an editorial assistant with Viking Press and later became a medical editor for the University of California at San Francisco. Along the way she picked up skills as a grant writer, advertising copy writer, and curriculum developer, working on projects to increase education and awareness for people to improve their lives. She taught ESL writing at Santa Barbara City College for 10 years and recently was transplanted to Montpelier, VT. 

Nancy’s client list includes best selling author Candace Pert, visionary teacher Rhys Thomas, meditation teacher Sarah McLean, speaker and NY Times best-selling author Marci Shimoff,  and publisher Sara Miller McCune, among others. You can see more at her website www.NancyMarriott.com or contact her directly at Nancy@NancyMarriott.com.  She is developing a curriculum to train freelance book editors which will become available in 2017 through her website.

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Gary Lee Miller (editing)

Gary Lee Miller is a writer, editor, and filmmaker. His fiction editing work includes The Advent of Elizabeth and Lake Stories and Other Tales (Finns Way Books). His nonfiction editing work includes the award-winning A Secret History of the Ollie (Black Salt Press), Axis of Hope (Lumma Press), and the memoir The East Side of Addiction (privately published). Gary’s story collection Museum of the Americas was a fiction finalist for the 2015 Vermont Book Award.

He has been twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize in Fiction, and his stories have appeared in a number of literary journals, including Missouri Review, Green Mountains Review, and Hunger Mountain. Gary has been nominated twice for a New England Emmy award for documentary screenwriting. He teaches at the Adirondack Center for Writing, and is co-founder and creative director of the Writers for Recovery writing workshops. You can find out more about him at garyleemiller.com

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Kate Mueller (editing/design)

Kate Mueller has been working in publishing for over 25 years and brings a broad perspective, having been, at various times, writer, editor, and book designer. She began her career in the late 1980s in Tokyo, writing and editing textbooks for teaching English as a second language and then worked for a year as production manager and book designer at Chelsea Green Pub. Co. Since 1992, she has been a freelance editor, graphic designer, and book packager and has designed and/or packaged some 50 books.

As a copy editor and developmental editor, she has worked on books ranging from mathematical and scientific books to New Age spirituality, conservation, travel books, cook books, and poetry and has worked for a number of publishing companies and organizations, among them Harvard University Press, McGraw-Hill, Perseus Books, Inner Traditions, and Rand. Mueller was one of the key people to establish the Montpelier Bridge, a community newspaper, and is currently editor in chief of Vermont Woman newspaper.

She is the author or coauthor of five books on teaching English as a second language and has written two children’s books for the Choose Your Own Adventure series, formerly published by Bantam Doubleday Dell. Her poems have appeared in Green Mountains Review and Avenue. She can be reached at katependragonproductions@gmail.com.

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Susannah Noel (editing)

Susannah Noel is a freelance writer, developmental editor, copyeditor, and proofreader with over twenty years of experience in trade publishing. 

Susannah began as an editorial assistant at Blackwell Science (now Wiley & Sons) in Cambridge, MA. After holding several in-house publishing positions around Boston, she launched her freelance editing career working for a variety of publishers, including St. Martin's Press, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Harvard Business School Press, Inner Traditions International, Chelsea Green, and others. She's edited everything from corporate communications to medical journals. Now she focuses almost exclusively on trade fiction and nonfiction. Edited works include those by Augusten Burroughs, Brian Doyle, Anita Hughes, and Maia Szalavitz.

Susannah has her B.A. in Religious Studies from UVM and her M.A. in Religious Studies from Syracuse University. With Nancy Marriott, she is developing an online training course for book editing. You can reach her at susannah@noeleditorial.com

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Sheryl Rapée-Adams (editing)

Sheryl Rapée-Adams is a Montpelier-based freelance trade book copyeditor who polishes and shines written materials into their final form. With her acute ear for language, eye for detail, and compassionate attention, Sheryl minimizes distractions and hones writing to sustain readers' engagement.

Sheryl copyedits trade books, including as a freelancer for Penguin Random House, as well as materials for nonprofit organizations and businesses. She utilizes MS Word, the Chicago Manual of Style, house style guides, and your personal style. She gravitates to fiction and nonfiction in many genres, with science fiction and fantasy among her favorites.

Sheryl completed a rigorous, six-month professional copyediting mentorship with Editorial Arts Academy and is an alum of the Snelling Center's Vermont Leadership Institute. Sheryl holds an M.S. (Organizational Leadership and Management, Antioch U), an M.A. (Liberal Studies, Keene State College), and a B.A. (English, U of Miami).

Sheryl practices insight meditation, has been a massage therapist for twenty-five years, taught Kripalu yoga for twenty years, and worked as a social justice advocate and statewide community organizer. Sheryl infuses her work with core vegan values: to do the most good and least harm possible for all beings.

Reach Sheryl at sheryl.rapee.adams@gmail.com.

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Michael Sherman (editing)

Michael Sherman is the editor of Vermont History, the journal of the Vermont Historical Society.  His previous professional positions include Professor of Liberal Studies in the Adult Degree Program of Vermont College, Norwich University/Union Institute & University (1996-2006) and adjunct faculty in history for the graduate degree program of the Union Institute & University (2010-2015); Director of the Vermont Historical Society (1985-1995); Associate Director of the Wisconsin Humanities Committee (1978-1985); and Assistant Professor of History and Humanities at Lawrence University (1974-1978).

Mr. Sherman received his B.A. in Humanities at the University of Chicago, his M.A. and Ph.D. in history at the University of Chicago, and training in museum studies at the Milwaukee Public Museum and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

He is the co-author with Gene Sessions and P. Jeffrey Potash of Freedom and Unity: A History of Vermont, published in 2004, and author of articles and reviews on Vermont history, the humanities in public life, and the history of France in the sixteenth century.  He edited and contributed to a volume on Vermont State Government and Administration since 1965, four books of essays on Vermont history, a book of essays on productivity, and three collections of essays on the humanities and public life.  Reach Michael at mnsherms@sover.net 

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Mason Singer (design)

Mason Singer is an award winning graphic designer and publications consultant. He has designed hundreds of publications and produced a broad range of work, including magazines, books, guides, posters, brochures, annual reports, handbills, logos, and much more. For more than two decades his studio, Laughing Bear Associates, has provided design services to nonprofit organizations, publishers, business, government, academia, and individuals throughout the northeast.

The studio has typically taken jobs from concept to completion, overseeing all necessary aspects of a project and delivering finished printed material to clients. Mason, as well, has a long history of promoting environmentally friendly design and printing practices. This breadth of experience guarantees familiarity with the many aspects of publishing and provides a realistic sense of what can be accomplished in terms of time and budget.

Mason has taught elements of graphic design for a number of schools and workshops, been a member of the faculty at the Governor’s Institute on the Arts, and has frequently spoken to groups about developments in design.

Mason is a founding director of two nonprofit organizations: 

•  Perennial Press Company — a nonprofit education and publishing center specializing in the tradition of typography, hand set type, and letterpress printing. 

•  Vermont Network for Community Newspapers (VNCN) — which has organized and run two statewide conferences designed to strengthen the role of independent, community-based newspapers in Vermont.

 Contact him at: laughingbeardesign@gmail.com

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Amabel Kylee Siorghlas (editing)

When she was six, Amabel received a diary with a gold key for Christmas, in which she earnestly recorded daily activities, ideas, and feelings. She spent hours curled up with fantasy books and tales about animals, leading to her college studies: an MA in Fiction from UNH and an MFA in Poetry from VCFA (UI&U). She was a secondary-level English teacher and is now a college adjunct professor. Her collection Where I Go Walking: Vermont Haiku Around the Year will be out in spring 2020. Other poetry work has appeared in Opium Magazine, Fiction Daily, and the anthologies Writers and Artists Do Sleep (Red Claw Press), Wild Things (Outrider Press), and Our Last Walk: Using Poetry for Grieving and Remembering Our Pets (University Professors Press). She is co-editing an anthology of stories, poems and images from creative individuals who have enacted name changes for themselves (due out spring 2021). Amabel is also a developmental editor, writing coach, and proofreader for nonfiction, poetry, and fiction manuscripts through her business Word Artisan VT. And sometimes you might spy her playing around Vermont in her bluegrass/string band, Two Cents in the Till. amabel@rootstockpublishing.com

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Kate Williams (editing)

Kate strongly believes that her job as an editor is twofold: to preserve your voice, and to return to you a manuscript in which you can take pride. She approaches editing with humor, compassion, and honesty. She has a knack for fact-checking and does her best to leave comments that uplift as often as comments that detail what needs polishing. She enjoys working with both fiction and nonfiction writers and has worked on novels and shorter-length memoirs destined for self-publishing. She has also worked with small business owners to develop and edit online marketing content. She most recently finished ghostwriting articles for a comparative religion blog.

Kate's varied professional background includes careers in human services, academic publishing, and the healing arts. Over the years, she has written, edited, and designed press material, catalogs, newsletters, case studies, web/social media content, and an employee manual. When she is not deep into the editorial process for others, she works on her own short stories and self-help/memoir manuscript.

Kate has a BA in Psychology with a minor in Communication Arts. She is also a certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Yoga Teacher. In addition to interning with the Editorial Arts Academy, she also graduated from its rigorous six-month mentorship program. She currently owns Triskele Editorial, her freelance editing and writing service.

Email: kwilliams@triskelevt.com
website: triskelevt.com

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