Junkyard at No Town

Junkyard at No Town


Junkyard at No Town
A Novel by J.C. Myers

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Junkyard at No Town takes place in the early 1980s, mostly in Iraton, a fictitious Vermont town that borders a fictitious “Gore”- a surveyor’s error. The locals call this Gore “No Town.”

Jules Alpert, a collector of junk by nature (road signs, tennis balls, broken video games, typewriter ribbon), has drifted through college. He decides spontaneously to purchase a house trailer and sheds on a ten-acre junkyard in Iraton. The yard belongs to Lutheria Tupper, an old farmer neighbor whose house is stacked floor to ceiling with newspapers, magazines, catalogues. The junkyard founder, Lutheria’s ex-husband Morton, had died of a heart attack a few months before Jules’s arrival. In the meticulously clean bathroom of his thoroughly trashed trailer he had been startled by a holographic picture of Jesus that blinks when you move your head.

Jules’s Aunt Martha, an old Iraton hippy-chick with a carpenter husband David, has decided to work for Copeland DeMassy, a local entrepreneur, leave her back-to-the-land past, succeed in business. She gets her real estate license and sells Jules the junkyard, which he buys against her advice. She and Copeland scheme to start a solid waste management district and a garbage company. No Town seems a perfect site for a landfill. Excited by the prospect of becoming rich, they become lovers and Martha leaves David.

Jules meets Butchy Guyette, who can’t read, but can fix anything. Butchy moves into one of the sheds on the property and helps Jules to run the junkyard. Summer unfolds with a cast of Iraton characters, drinking at the local bar, a fourth of July parade, riding with the boys up to Trombley’s camp, etc.

Driving a homemade tractor or doodlebug, Jules nearly runs over a 14-year-old boy named Byron Peas and crushes his bike. Jules fixes it and meets Byron’s sister Maddy, who is married with two kids. He falls in love with Maddy, helps her with her own sick and bitter mother. Jules teaches Byron, the strange, silent, feral boy how to drive the doodlebug.

Entering her cave-like house, Jules types as Lutheria’s tells stories of early Iraton, and the nearby No Town Bowl, where settlers disappeared at the end of 18th century. No Town is a place where people with a certain sensitivity can see, like a flash out of the corner of an eye, traces of each living thing that ever passed through there. In No Town water sometimes flows mysteriously, though there is no permanent stream or spring.

Byron steals a car from Arden Gabert, a local drug dealer, hides it in the woods, slides accidentally down into No Town. The car, purchased from Arden’s Boston contacts, holds a stash of cocaine in the trunk. Boston thugs kidnap Arden, converge on the Junkyard. Butchy resists but Lutheria’s house burns, the woods in No Town burn, water flows from a mysterious source, extinguishes the fire. People disappear or are saved. People die. No Town becomes a landfill.


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