Street of Storytellers

Street of Storytellers


Doug Wilhelm
September 10, 2019

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Release Date: September 10, 2019
ISBN: 9781578690169
LCCN: 2018968619


Luke is an American kid, in a place he doesn’t understand.

 In this multicultural thriller, a teenager who loves music is angry with his father, blaming his parents’ divorce on his dad’s obsession with finishing a book about a lost ancient civilization in a dangerous part of Asia. But his father badly wants his son to understand — so he brings Luke to Peshawar, an age-old crossroads city in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier. To punish his dad, Luke refuses to learn anything about the project — and instead he is drawn into the strange, intriguing Old City, where a violent new extremism is on the rise.

 Luke is dazzled by the beautiful Danisha, but they can’t ever be seen together. He’s recruited by her brother to assist the jihadis — but he also bonds with Yusuf, an Afghan refugee who knows what could happen. Then there are the musicians Luke befriends, and a mysterious Sufi teacher who opens his eyes.

 Street of Storytellers is about three families across two cultures. It’s about an ancient true story the world has almost forgotten. And it’s about thinking for yourself — even when that puts your life at risk.



“An exciting adventure story of a young American boy in a historic but dangerous part of our world.”
Timeri M. Murari, author of The Taliban Cricket Club


Doug Wilhelm is a fulltime writer and editor in Weybridge, Vermont. His 16 published books for young readers include The Revealers (FSG 2003, Macmillan/Square Fish ’11), which has been the focus of reading-and-discussion projects in well over 1,000 middle schools and continues to be a perennial choice for gradewide and all-school reads across the country. A production of the play version of The Revealers by the National Children’s Theatre of South Africa was nominated for the 2015 Naledi Award, that country’s top theatrical honor. Doug has visited over 100 schools across the U.S., connects readily with young readers, and maintains an active email list of over 600 school teachers, librarians, administrators and other educators. His website,, is a resource center for working with his novels, and has averaged as much as 4,000 hits per day