Lucy Dancer

Lucy Dancer


Written and Illustrated by Eva Zimet
May 15, 2019

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A Picture Book (Ages 4 to 10)
32 Pages 11 X 8.5 List $13.95
ISBN: 978-1-57869-012-1
LLCN: 2018958818


Lucy Dancer - Lucy’s dream is . . . not ballet. She wants to fly. She leaps on the shore with feathers, she practices gymnastics, but it’s dancing that really sets her free.

Lucy unexpectedly finds the treasure of her spirit in dance and the world of dancers.

Splashed with humor, engaging and charming watercolors, and a delightful and appealing personal story, Lucy Dancer has the ring of authenticity and real-life emotions that link effortlessly to experiences and an imagination we can all share.


Lucy Dancer reads like the truth, like Eva lived it. The art is expressive, fun and very moving … a great tribute to the world of dance, practice and determination. Bravo!“
Phoebe Stone, Parents Choice award-winning author of The Boy on Cinnamon Street and Romeo Blue


“As a professional dancer who had started her first steps at the age of 10, I enjoyed every page of Lucy Dancer! Today I am a mother of a 7 year old girl and we had a great time together reading the book. The illustrations are wonderful and fun. I felt very touched by the story that reminds us that when you have a dream, and you set your goals nothing can stop you. I believe this is a must-have book in the library of any kid. Abrazos!”
Noel Strazza, Choreographer, Argentine tango teacher and performer at Extempore Danse


"The elegant and lyrical lines of the drawings strongly evoke the feel of dancing, [and] the text of the book stands beautifully on its own."  
Sarah Dillard, author and illustrator of I Wish It Would Snow! and the Mouse Scouts series.


“Lucy’s vision of life as a dancer will keep you hooked until the end. For her emotion, experiences, and relationships are nothing other than opportunities for movement and joy. This is something we could all use in our everyday lives.”
Tomás Howlin, Tango Maestro


“Eva Zimet has given us an account of the evolution of a dancer so straight-forward and spare, yet so rich in emotion and relationships, that all I can say is, Bravo!”
Rebecca Riley, Portals Center for Healing


 “In Lucy Dancer, Eva Zimet tells a captivating tale about impossible dreams that can come true in most unexpected ways. The charming drawings are as full of life and spunk as Lucy herself, and the story proves that you don’t need wings in order to fly.”  
Peaco Todd, cartoonist and illustrator, Good and Mad: Transform Anger 


“Zimet's whimsical dancers play with your heartstrings in this inspiring tale, shared in a purity of language and beautiful images that capture the very soul and spirit of dance. Whether you're a budding ballerina or almost forgot you were ever a dancer, Lucy Dancer might just help you learn how to fly.”
Marcy Goldman, best-selling author, publisher, and founder of


“A fine debut picture book, with spacious illustrations that capture the lightness of ballet.” 
 —Leda Schubert, author of Trailblazer: The Story of Ballerina Raven Wilkerson

Meet Eva

Eva Zimet is a writer of great integrity with an acute sense of place and an intimate knowledge of the dance world.